Our New House


Adventure. That’s what this house is going to be!  And what this blog will be about. My adventures in renovating, decorating and living life in this home.

We moved in on December 6th, 2013. Just 3 months ago. It was a gift. We didn’t expect to find it. But when I first saw it, I fell in love. Not with the old kitchen or the pastel bathrooms, but with the potential that I saw in this charming house. With the big yard that the kids could play in. With the old strong oak trees towering over, providing shade in the dry, Southern California heat. With the dry creek that runs through the side of the yard and rarely fills up with rain. And with the white front porch that I could picture us sitting out on, sipping cold lemonade in the summer. This is the house I want to raise my children in and babysit my grandkids in. I want to use this home to serve others and show hospitality.

So in order to remember what a gift this home is, especially when I am tempted to feel discouraged or overwhelmed with the projects, I want to catalogue our adventures here!



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